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Note: If you would like to take over as maintainer of one of these programs, plese let me know. I still try to find time to update these programs' web pages, apply patches etc, but lately I haven't been doing so well. I'm not using these programs myself, so maintaining them just isn't very high on my list of priorities. Please help.


Aliasman is a perl script designed to allow manipulation of the sendmail aliases database (/etc/aliases) remotely, via. email. It uses a Majordomo-like interface.

This was a scratch-my-own-itch project, to decrease the maintanence involved in allowing a large number of people to forward mail from user@fakedomain.not to their own email accounts. I didn't like having to manually edit the aliases database each time one of them changed email addresses - and I'm sure they didn't enjoy waiting 2-3 weeks for me to get around to it either.


The current version is 0.3.

This program should be considered alpha quality - I *think* it works, but it hasn't seen any real-world action yet. Please test it and let me know if you find any bugs!


  • aliasman.pl - the program itself.
  • install-alasman.sh - An installer script (this file also serves as installation documentation, read it!). Warning: this has only been tested on my RedHat 5.2 machine.
  • uninstall-aliasman.sh - A script that undoes what the installer did.

how to use it

Install, using the scripts above.

Edit /etc/aliases, and define a section that may be remotely managed - by default the script isn't allowed to modify anything. Various restrictions can be defined - take a look at this example to get a vague idea of how the system works. There are also instructions about this in the script itself.

Test it by sending mail to aliasman@your.host. Put any and all commands in the message body. The message subject is ignored. Commands look something like this:

	password this.is.the.password

	create owned alias joeschmoe as joe.schmoe@some.faraway.place
	change alias b1ff to b1ff@hotmail.com
	remove alias joe
	show alias jack	

	confirm ZlkjA234jlkjvAlkj

Text that doesn't match the defined command syntax is silently ignored.

(Note: The syntax of all the above commands can be altered by changing a few regulaur expressions in aliasman.pl - which should make it a bit easier to translate the whole thing to a different language.)


I should:
  • Implement the show command.
  • Add decent logging.
  • Fix any bugs that might be lurking in there.
  • Translate the program to Icelandic.
  • Write and implement a help-system.
  • Write more documentation.

You can:

  • Translate it to your language.
  • Test it - then send me cool patches, suggestions, bug reports, flames or [stupid] questions.
  • Write better documentation for me.

I might, if the day is upgraded to 48 hours:

  • Rewrite the program so it can handle sites using the virtusertable and genericstable features of sendmail.


This program (aliasman.pl) is licensed under the GNU General Public License.