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The RedHat CD kit

The RedHat CD kit is a set of scripts and documentation designed to make it easier to create updated RedHat-based installation CDs.

The current version is version 1.2.

This release supports the Anaconda installer, which was introduced in RedHat release 6.2, and is also used by RedHat 7.0. Please note that RedHat 7.0 support is currently untested, please let me know how it works for you. I'd also appreciate feedback about how to get the kit to work with other related distros, such as Mandrake.

Download the kit, read the README or just browse.

If you are basing your CD off RedHat 5.x, 6.0 or 6.1, you might want to get the 1.1 release instead.

Disclaimer: In spite of the word "RedHat" in the kit's name, this software is in now way sponsored by or affiliated with the company named RedHat. But if they weren't really cool guys who distribute cool software, then this kit wouldn't exist. :-)