This is a list of the programs I have written and made available online. Help yourself, feedback is appreciated.

active projects (non-trivial things I use)

  • PageKite (python)
    A tool for exposing servers on localhost to the public Internet. Also, a startup!

  • PicPopper (javascript)
    A snippet of JavaScript to web 2.0-ify the user interface of my old fashioned static photo albums.

  • My home backups (shell)
    Shell scripts and documentation for my really sweet home backup system. It automatically aggregates my mp3s and does other clever things.

  • Yamon (perl)
    Yet Another Monitoring script: a script to detect when servers malfunction and alert a human. It aims to be a simple, minimal solution.

  • WWE (perl)
    My web-based web-site editor. This is a CGI program for editing web pages. The actual data is fetched and saved using Net::FTP.

miscellanious stuff (more things I use, scripts, toys, ...)

  • moz_to_rss (python)
    A script which parses the Firefox places.sqlite and converts a folder of bookmarks into an RSS feed.

  • img_to_pygtk (python)
    A script which converts an image into a compact snippet of Python code, for embedding images into PyGTK scripts.

  • gpg-edit (sh)
    This is a wrapper script to simplify editing of text files which are stored symmetrically encrypted with GnuPG.

  • (sh)
    This is a snippet of bash code which I include in my .bashrc files, to color my prompt differently on different machines and update the Xterm title bars automagically.

  • (perl)
    A Perl module for accessing Glitnir's online banking system.

  • B.I.O.M.P. (bash)
    Bjarni's Incredible Online Midi Payer. This program is actually pretty stupid.

  • cvs-symlinks (sh)
    This is a pair of shell scripts to manage symbolic links with CVS.

  • danger-burn (sh)
    This is a simple shell script which will stream the output of mkisofs to cdrecord, reducing the work of copying the current directory to a CD to one command.

  • (perl)
    A 406 error handler for Apache.

  • (perl)
    A script that PGP encrypts all incoming mail, for use with these procmailrc rules. I used this myself for well over a year w/o any problems, but YMMV.

  • pop-redir (C)
    A tcp port redirector which can redirect different users to different POP servers.

  • (perl)
    This script checks the headers of an email message for indications that it passed through a relay blacklisted by or ORBS. I like to have this in my .procmailrc file to block spam that comes from one of my many forwarding accounts.

  • kmail.send (sh)
    This wraps around sendmail, to fix charset bugs in kmail (KDE 1.1.2).

  • For old times' sake, here is the patch Hrafnkell and I developed to fix a memory leak in kfm (KDE 1.1.1). This made it into the 1.1.2 release.

  • maze (c)
    This is possibly the first program I unleashed on the Internet. It's a C program which generates a solvable maze, from July 1992.

old IRC scripts

  • GeiMi.irc (ircII)
    This is an old script I wrote which implements a rather irritating cipher for the ircII client. This is like, way 'l33ter than l33tsp33k.

  • The Irritating Script II (ircII)
    Here is my good old swiss army knife script for the ircII client. The name is a jab at Phoenix, Textbox etc. etc. and the current crop of mIRC scripts which I all find incredibly irritating.

old DOS stuff

  • .. to be continued ..

dormant projects

Note: If you would like to take over as maintainer of one of these programs, plese let me know. I still try to find time to update these programs' web pages, apply patches etc, but lately I haven't been doing so well. I'm not using these programs myself, so maintaining them just isn't very high on my list of priorities. Please help.

  • Crystat (perl, flash)
    A Flash program to display active network connections to a server.

  • the Anomy mail tools (perl)
    An extremely flexible set of mail processing tools, including a mailing list manager and a crude virus scanner. See them in action at

  • colormake (perl)
    This is a simple wrapper around "make" to make it's output more readable.

  • rssticker (perl)
    This is a perl script for converting one or more RSS streams to HTML. It caches RSS data and keeps track of changes to implement news ticker functionality.

  • aliasman (perl)
    A program for remotely managing /etc/aliases using majordomo-like email messages.

  • dirgroup (perl)
    This is a script for merging the contents of a directory, /etc/group.d, into the file /etc/group. This allows users to safely create and manage their own groups and has many of the advantages of more complex ACL implementations without the overhead.

  • the RedHat CD kit (sh)
    Scripts and documentation to help make customized RedHat style Linux installation CDs.

  • (sh)
    A shell script which tries (and fails!) to do for installing what GNU autoconf did for compiling.

  • tircproxy (C)
    An IRC proxy with extensive DCC support and other advanced features.

  • udb (C)
    A simple library to facilitate communication between different proxies and the identd about what user a TCP/IP connection belongs to, using a persistant table in shared memory.