Bought a House on the Internet

I'm on a bus to Napoli, with my daughter and wife.

Since I last blogged, our little Kría was born! We are on her first trip to Italy; we've spent a few days in Foggia with her mum and are now on our way to Angri (via Napoli) to introduce her to her relatives there.

The big news of the day though, is Emi and I bought a house! Well, the top two floors of a house. And a garage. The house is accross the street from my place on Barónsstígur and as far as we can tell, it's perfect: There are three bedrooms upstairs, a nice big living area on the floor below and a garage which we'll be able to convert into a workshop for Emi. And a garden, and we can see the pool where we first met out the window.

Marcia sent us a link to it a couple of weeks ago, and after a Skype-walkthrough and some back-of-the-napkin calculations, we decided to just make an offer. And today that offer was accepted.

So we bought a house! Over the Internet!

Next up: Sell my old house on Barónsstígur and get the banks to approve us taking over the loans.

The plan is to move home in April. :-)

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