I'm not sure what to write. So much has happened!

Today I had a nice walk with Emilia and her mum in the sun, took some photos. We visited a doctor and a tailor and had an ice cream.

But really, the big news is that I am married!

I am married to the lovely Emilia Telese: artist, teacher, entrepreneur, companion, lover, friend, wife... wife! Wife. Neither of us dreamed this would happen, when we met in the hot tub at Sundhöllin, way back in 2006. It all still feels a bit unreal, but in the best possible way.

And I'm Emilia's husband!

Have the Icelanders in the audience noticed that husband and húsbóndi appear to be basically the same word? I can't believe I didn't notice that until last week, as I kept repeating the word "husband", trying it on for size and trying to get used to it. The similarity is probably no coincidence: húsbóndi literally means "man of the house". The modern meaning is closer to that of the word "master", but I assure you that our union is a bit more modern and enlightened than that.


Emilia and I got married on the 22nd of March, in the castle Doria.

Doria is right in the center of Angri, a small medieval town South-East of the Vesuvius, where many of Emilia's aunts and uncles and cousins still live. One of her uncles, the doctor Gianfranco, is also vice-mayor of the town, which meant Emilia and I had the privilege of our civil service marriage being conducted by someone who has literally known and loved her for her entire life.

Many other important people had roles in our ceremony. The overall event was conducted by Emilia's old friend and colleague, Felicity Harvest, who retired from working in the arts in the U.K. to become a Humanist celebrant. My parents and Emilia's mother and brother bound us together in an old hand-fasting ritual. My grandmother Hlíf read a poem she had composed for the event, and Emilia's cousin Maria Rita read an Italian translation of Shakespeare. Emilia's aunt Rosaria translated most of the English to Italian and Brynja's little boys helped usher Emilia in when she arrived. I wore clothes chosen for me by my Lora, while Andri and Paola were our legal witnesses. Emi's friends Sonya and Liz translations of the Italian laws and part of her uncle's speech.

I arrived early on the scene, around 10am. In part this was because I absolutely did not want to be late due to surprise traffic, so I left early, and in part this was because I expected a photographer to be waiting there to take pictures of me. I hit no traffic, but there was also no photographer, so I just hung out a bit.

Slowly guests began to arrive, the foreigners first, because like me they were being overly careful not to be late. The Italians showed up a bit later, and finally, once everyone was there, Emilia herself arrived.

When she arrived, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was beautiful in her dress and the smile on her face as she walked up the aisle was so honest, so stunning...

The ceremony itself was rather long, because almost every event had to be translated into one language or another.


Update 2017.12.17

I never managed to finish writing about this!

It was just too much to process and we immediately went on honeymoon and then became overwhelmed by impending parenthood and then actual parenthood and then moving countries and then a new house and then moving again and OMG crazy... but I may still finish writing more someday. Maybe? Maybe not?

The summary of unwritten things would be: Ceremony ceremony, followed by a mad dash to the other castle where we had the reception which involved a lot of food and cameras and games and family , which was followed by being very exhausted in our honeymoon suite, which was followed by driving a little rental-car to Rome which was followed by getting on a plane to Greece which was followed by exploring Athens which was followed by a boat to Rhodes, which was followed by morning sickness in a lovely but dead tourist town right before the beginning of the season...

Later still there would be posts about disappointment and disagreement with the photographer and even later still posts about that getting that sorted out with the help of one of Emi's cousins.


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