Test: Passed

Today Emi and I passed a test!

A man from the letting office came around to inspect the flat. He looked in all the rooms and made notes. He didn't make any ominious proclamations though, so we're assuming we won't get kicked out. ;-)

It's also valentines day! Emi gave me a lovely chocolate lager and some dark chocolate to munch on. She's the best. I am now going to venture out of the house to buy her something nice as well, and tonight we're going out to eat.

We chatted a bit with my parents on Skype and I finally gave them a virtual tour of our house. It was in particularly good shape since we made a bit of an effort to fold our clothes and clear away some of the boxes and things before the inspection.

I also did some carpentry this week, fixing a door that had come off its hinges. It looks like the landlord had made a mess of things, splitting the wood in a botched repair attempt of his own. Glue and clamps and patience sorted that out. It's very satisfying to fix and create physical things now and then.

So our house is lovely and we're happy. Lalala!

Also, wedding is now T-36 days. OMG, OMG, omg, omg... :-)

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