Moving, engaged, overwork and a watch

Dear diary,

I have left, Iceland, at least for a little bit. I plan to live for the winter in the UK, with Emi. We had been planning to live together in Iceland, but when she got accepted into the Ph.D. program she applied for, that all changed.

So now we are in the UK together, preparing to move her out of her place, fly to Italy for a little holiday and then move into a new place together in November. Somewhere not far from Coventry, but the exact location has yet to be decided. Busy, busy, busy.

Since it's been a while since I wrote, I should probably fill you in on what has been going on this summer. Looking over my last few entries, it seems the most important news: Emi and I got engaged while she was in Iceland, on the 29th of May! I proposed to her in Grjótagjá in Mývatnssveit, and offered her a ring that I had had custom made. She said yes and I am still amazed at how lucky I am.

After her visit to Iceland, I visited her in Brighton and then she returned with me to Iceland and stayed for about a month. Now I am back with her in Brighton and we don't plan to be apart again for more than a day or two in the forseeable future. Wedding plans are being made!


On the work front, things have also been eventful. I had a bit of a breakdown when it became clear that there was no way we would be able to meet our initial goals of releasing a Beta of Mailpile in August (to be followed by a 1.0 in September). It made me stop and think, reevaluate a few things about the project. The dust still hasn't settled on that front, but at least I have rested a bit, calmed down and am no longer fighting stress induced depression, anger and apathy.

I take my work very seriously - we made some big promises when people gave us money last year and it's a matter of personal pride to me that we keep as many of them as we possibly can. Also, although I am lucky to have a team working with me, this is very much my project - it's my vision, my design and mostly (~60% according to git blame) my code. So I feel responsible for seeing it through.

We did manage to regroup and release a Beta last weekend, on the 14th of September. It has been reasonably well received, and more importantly we are getting good feedback on what works and what doesn't. i So progress is being made and our 1.0 is now scheduled for December. This is a much more realistic plan, but has the rather serious downside that we'll run out of money right after we release, and will have had no time to raise more because we'll be too busy programming (and moving countries and taking a much needed vacation to Italy).

Oh well. Þetta reddast!


I have decided to try an be better about blogging, now that I am away from home and I've successfully weaned myself off the Book of Face. Otherwise I might have to start writing e-mails to people, and I've never really been good at that. ;-)

But today's big news is that this evening Emi gave me the pocket watch which is fuzzily pictured above. The watch is a family heirloom, previously owned by her father and her grandfather before him, who received it as a gift during WWII. I am very moved and touched, it's an amazing gift.

Also, it's just a really cool watch.

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