Sugru and Productivastination

Today I finally did something with that Sugru I've had in my drawer since last September. I fixed headphones! And maybe my wallet, although I'll be both surprised and impressed if the magic material actually sticks to the leather.

Us Mailpilers are supposed to be working on a grant application for the Knight Foundation's News Challenge these days, which has of course spurred a massive amount of productivity on all things Mailpile except the grant application... Productivity through Procrastination, as usual. We'll get it done though, the deadline is Monday evening and we have made a fair bit of progress.

Mailpile itself is coming along nicely too! I am happy to report that it's going to be a kick-ass mail client. The entire core team is now "dogfooding", which means we actually use the software to read and write our own e-mail on a daily basis and progress has accelerated again, invigourated both by us using it and by the lengthening Icelandic spring days giving everyone and everything a big boost of energy.

It's pretty awesome, yep yep yep.

Tags: life, diy, mailpile

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