Taxes, paperwork, invoices, ...

Today is a day of paperwork.

I am going to convert my big pile of unsorted "gluggapóstur" (window-mail) into an orderly, sorted binder which I can then put in a shelf and ignore forever and ever. I am also going to work on my tax return (which is due tomorrow) and send a couple of PageKite invoices.


In other news, I am still in love and I am still sticking with my new morning routine and Mailpile is still awesome, and I have just derived that numbers of the form n²-1 are never prime! Once upon a time I knew this, but rediscovering that 554×556 = 555²-1 (or rather, (n-1)×(n+1) = (n²-1) for all n) was really pretty neat. Also, yay Unicode math symbols!

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