I wonder what it would be like to try to write without punctuation for just a little while with otherwise correct sentence structure and little else but words repeating and continuing and going on and on and on to convey meaning and emotion and make you dear reader really understand what I am trying to explain through sentences that only barely make sense because without periods and commans and exclamation marks we are only left with a stream of words that has no end and just meanders and continues for as long as I can be bothered to tap away at my cheap laptop keyboard with its black keys and misleading markings that do not actually reflect the characters that get added to this blog post as I type words that just seem to zig and zag arbitrarily from thought to thought since they have no regular structure to bind them and give them the focus that one usually expects from words on a screen like the one you are staring at now while probably wondering whether this tedious torrent of words is actually going anywhere and whether I actually have anything of note to say or whether this really is just an experiment to see how long I can keep going and whether I can keep bouncing this flow of words off concepts that allow me to bring myself back on topic as I struggle to write sentences that never end and do not repeat but instead flow into one another in a natural way not unlike a dream which moves seamlessly from scene to scene and people morph into each other without our sleep addled brains noticing the disconnect of suddenly contemplating the size of that fish over there when mere moments earlier we were thinking of something else entirely that may or may not have been related to the usefulness of constraints and limits in a medium that is used for communicating ideas from person to person and place to place and most interestingly from time to time without getting completely lost in scatterbrained distraction and confusion about what the hell we were going on about before we stumbled upon the literary device of introducing random vertebrates and the even cheaper literary device of comparing prose to a dreamlike state which most of us only remember when we are woken up during the rapid eye movement period of our cycle which can be recognized just by looking at the eyelids of someone who sleeps and dreams at least until we interrupt them and wake them up so they can seek inspiration from the crazy imagery that is probably just a byproduct of their brain filing away and processing the information they have amassed over the course of the hours of wakefulness and observation and interaction with the rest of the world and all its information and ideas and experiences which we subsequently encode into language and share over coffee or the Internet where it can spread from person to person and even be preserved and reshared and built upon over time thanks to the invention of writing and printing presses and of course the Internet which the only way you will ever experience this particular flow of words which I am surprised and somewhat gratified that you have actually read this far in what I can only assume is the hope that I will actually say something of note or even embed some sort of surprise or joke in this jumble of ideas and words which I am forced to mash so haphazardly together by the oddly constraining lack of constraints which I set out with at the start of this blog post and which must soon come to an end so I can sleep and dream up more words to type and launch out into the world where they will be celebrated or ridiculed or probably just ignored like so many things which do not really merit attention due to their lack of original or insightful though about whatever it is that you the reader actually care about when you are randomly searching the Internet for something to consume and possibly interact with or share with your friends and family in order to bolster your social status and reinforce the idea that you are a fun and interesting person who brings value to the world by helping people discover interesting things that will make them feel good about themselves and good about you and your relationship with them until they grow tired or discover something or someone that is more interesting than this trap I find myself in and can only escape by typing period?


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