Ah, politics...

Yesterday's post got some attention on the Book of Faces. Not only did it get attention, but I think bunch of folks actually got the message and understood my frustration.

That was nice.

It took a surprisingly long time for the anti-feminist trolls to show up and start claiming I couldn't take criticism and putting words in my mouth... but of course they did, exactly as one would expect. At that point I just left the conversation and got to work on Mailpile, which felt great.

No word from Birgitta, but she's probably a savvy enough politician to just stay quiet until people calm down a bit. I hope that doesn't mean she's just ignoring the issue and critique, but I don't really think that's likely. She's good people.

In other news, Smári is in town! We are having meetings and beers and other fun things. Mailpile, mailpile, mailpile!

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