Oh, I have a blog?

Dear Diary,

These past couple of months have been eventful, exciting, exhausting and most of all, busy.

My relationship with Emi continues to deepen and develop in ways that can only make me smile and stare into space, borrowing some of her dreamy nature as I reflect. Emi does not live in Iceland, but our feelings for each other overcome both economic sensibility and environmental awareness. Monthly flights to or from faraway places will result and the best we can do at the moment is to try and make the most of each trip.

February was a month of distraction.

As already documented, it began with the release of Mailpile's alpha and a conference in Brussels, and was immediately followed by a wonderful week in Italy with my girl. Upon my return to Iceland, Smári's birthday was celebrated, Quinn Norton crashed on my couch, and I found myself being interviewed by her and others about Mailpile and then partying like there was no tomorrow at the Sonar music festival. After all that, I just sort of collapsed. Mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted, I spent a couple of days fighting flu and a nasty lung infection, followed by days and days where I felt like I was getting nothing done. I went through a period of mild depression, a funk I didn't really shake until Emi came to visit me two weeks ago.

Having her here was fantastic. I drove her to the airport yesterday, but the sadness of goodbye was completely squashed by how happy I was to have her in my life. So I think it's safe to say I'm better now.

Inspired, eager to get things done, if a little nervous about how I have fallen behind schedule due to all the distractions. It's a bit worrying that March is almost over and I'm still reflecting on February...

But hey, nothing to do but roll up my sleeves and get crackin'.

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