The Internet Never Forgets

This thought has been thought before.

I do not remember where, but I once read an article expressing concern that the Internet's unforgiving, uncompromising, unfading memory poses some profound new challenges to an entire generation of people who are growing up online. People who, in spite of their tech-infused cyborg upbringing, are still only human and bound to make mistakes.

Mistakes they may never be able to live down. For some this won't be a problem. But for activists or politicians, really anyone who does anything of note, it's a big fucking deal - because their enemies will dig up old dirt and throw it in their faces.

Of course, most of us learn over time that we should watch our tongues on-line. Be polite, tread carefully. That has become part of growing up in a networked world. The problem is, the mistakes which teach us these valuable lessons are the very mistakes that will come back to haunt us later.

Fair or not, we will be judged by our most juvenile, childish actions. Whether we have since grown up, changed our minds, learned from our mistakes ... is of no consequence.

We will be judged by our lowest moments, because the Internet never forgets.

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