Stofan and locks

I am slowly getting back into my work groove after FOSDEM in Brussels last weekend, and my vacation in Italy all last week. Sitting at Stofan with Brennan and Helgi and other geeky folks, and randomly meeting old friends as well.

It's good to be home!

Last night was Smári's birthday party! I gave not only him, but María and Ásta birthday gifts as well. Everyone's getting older... we all got drunk together to celebrate.

This morning, I had a hung over adventure involving locks.

I stayed the night in Ewelina's spare room, because Árni and Meike were still at my place. When I woke up, I remembered an ominous click I had heard the night before when I shut the door; the door had locked itself and as it turns out, there was no key. Oops. Long story short I did manage to McGuyver myself out of the room without damaging anything, but it took some effort and included swinging tools from one window to another using the leather strap from my laptop bag...

Once I had regained my freedom I spent about an hour fixing things so it wouldn't happen again. Lock trap disarmed, +100 XP.

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