I just got home after a brief vacation in Italy.

Italy was amazing.

Emi greeted me at the airport in Pisa, and together we rode a bus to Florence and walked to the little AirBNB which would be our home for the next few days. We stopped for pizza on the way; her pizza had no cheese on it, mine had too much.

The days passed quickly, a blur of food, walks, conversations and touching. We hunted mosquitoes, planted a flower by the river, blew bubbles, dined with her friends, cooked, took in lovely glass sculptures, visited her old school and ate at a couple of her favourite restaurants - including one that actually caught on fire while we dined.

We were neither singed nor toasted and probably not nearly as frightened as we should have been. We were mostly bemused, entertained even. I've never seen a restaurant catch fire before...

The big news from this trip however, is not that flame but another. Emi and I are now officially a couple! I have a girlfriend! Sorry, single Icelandic ladies, you missed your chance, I'm taken. And very happy about it.

This has of course been developing for a while and perhaps I should have written about it sooner. I've been a bad blogger lately, but ours has been a fantastic story of hot tubs and heavy metal, fever, night trains, skype, artistocrats and frayed knots, word games and copious volumes of e-mail. And now Florence!

I look forward to adding more words.

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