New Laptop: Acer Aspire V5-122p


So I got a new laptop. It's shiny (literally, brushed aluminium, a very cheap MacBook knock-off style), but I haven't yet decided whether I like it. It seems to works though!

I should document all the hoops I jumped through to get it working... but I'm tired. A bullet list, which I may flesh out with details (or at least links) later on:

  1. Extra trip to the store to get a non-useless power brick
  2. Figured out how to navigate Windows 8
  3. Figured out how to shrink Windows to make room for Linux
    • Had to disable the swap file and system snapshots for this
  4. Marvelled at how flakey Windows software really is: a putrid onion of MS-DOS inside Windows 3 inside Windows NT inside Windows 8...
  5. Unlocked the laptop's boot sequene (Secure Boot, pssh).
  6. Installed Ubuntu 13.10 from a USB stick
    • Found good advice in a blog post
    • Had to use "nomodeset" and install custom proprietary drivers from AMD for the graphics. :-( Everything else worked!
  7. Learned how to hack the BIOS so I could enable the AMD-V virtualization features of my new CPU
  8. Learned to navigate Unity, configured it so I could be productive
  9. Visited the store again to get broken W key fixed and buy gadgets
  10. Popped the drive from my old laptop, discovered USB3 gadget I bought did not work. Yay!
  11. Used trusty old USB2 gadget to copy files. So many files...
  12. Got my old work environment up and running, sort of

I hope I don't have to do all that again for a while.

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