New laptop

So I bought a new laptop today. With any luck, this will be the last (not so) Daily Me post made on Hottie, my little Samsung laptop that I have carried everywhere for the last 3-going-on-4 years. I've replaced the hard drive twice, expanded the RAM... recovered from a broken power button and repaired the power cord so many times it has become embarrassingly short.

I finally gave up yesterday, when the hack Kalli helped me perform to bypass what I thought was a faulty power socket came apart. We put a replacement in place, but it's an even worse hack than the last one and I know it won't stand up to the basic wear and tear of trekking around in my backpack every day. So... I bought a replacement.

It's a pretty shiny new Acer Aspire V5-122P with 6GB of RAM and a touch screen. It's also made for Windows 8, so I am kinda asking for trouble here. But it's the only small laptop on the market in Iceland and even this one is too large for my tastes. So we'll see how well Linux runs on it. Worst case I set up VMWare Player and live in a full-screen virtual Linux machine under Windows until the driver support catches up.

I might actually just do that anyway, as the machine is certainly beefy enough for me to run both operating systems side-by-side. It'll make debugging Windows easier at least...

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