Status Report: Life, Mailpile, Vitastígur

So, my life has become a blur of work, drink, date, work, drink, date, ...

Ladies are lovely. I have been going out and meeting people and having fun. But somehow I still feel emotionally detached. Maybe the chemistry just hasn't been right. Maybe I'm still burnt after last winter's rollercoaster. Or maybe I'm just too stressed/excited about work to engage properly. Maybe all of the above. I dunno, I figure the right thing to do is just give myself time and enjoy myself.

Work is interesting. Mailpile is improving, us guys are learning how to work together. Ella came to Iceland to work with me on threat modeling and discuss security. Brennan's visa is still being processed. We founded a company: Mailpile efh. Money is winding its way through the banks to Iceland... And PageKite is doing well too, new customers, revenue slowly growing. All good.

This weekend at the bar a bartender asked me, "hey, aren't you the Mailpile guy?" When I said yes, he refused to let me pay for my beer! I shook his hand and felt like some sort of weird technocelebrity. A strange feeling, but nice!

The repairs on the roof at Vitastígur completed last week and I have paid the final amount to the sellers. All mine!

Tags: life, mailpile

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