Summer Summary 2013

Woah, the summer just zoomed by.

I have been very bad at blogging, but these things happened:

  • Moved into Vitastígur, it is awesome
  • Have been dating a little bit
  • Enjoyed OHM in Holland
  • Assembled a team, launched the project and raised lots of money for Mailpile
  • Drank a lot of beer
  • Moved out of the office on Vallarstræti

Since I am hung over today and a bit melancholy after a fun Pirate Party Party last night, I am going to not just boast about things I did, but also list the things I failed to do:

  • Haven't gotten off GMail yet, Mailpile isn't mature enough
  • Haven't rebooted the Alþingisrýnir project
  • Haven't fallen in love
  • Didn't go swimming nearly often enough
  • Haven't been a super great landlord

Overall I still give myself a decent grade for the summer.

I am looking forward to working on Mailpile and my unfinished task list over the next few months. I also like the sound of the rain on my roof.

Tags: life

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