Moving in and out

I have had a pretty busy last few weeks. I moved out of Barónsstígur, with much appreciated help from Kalli, Andri, Einar, Lora, Ewelina and assorted moving in/out party guests.

I painted door frames, put a light switch in the bathroom, resealed around the bath tub, fixed a window, ... and a couple of days ago my first tenant showed up. Today she will sign the lease, buy my washing machine. Maybe she will even pay rent!

I moved in to Vitastígur, organized my kitchen, erected the bed, made myself a little office and fastened my chin-up bar to one of the beams in the ceiling. The first item I carried into the new place was of course the amplifier I bought when I was 16. Music!

I have since ordered takeaway, cooked, cleaned, bathed, partied, watched films, worked and had sex in my new apartment. It feels like home.

I still need to buy a sofa, a bookshelf and a washing machine, but those can wait until I have finished sorting out my bank accounts and finances a bit more, which should happen later this week or next. The new place needs some maintenence work, but nothing that can't wait a few months and nothing that keeps me from living there quite happily.

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