Birthday, dating, apartment, ...

On Monday I went on a date! It was fun... somewhat new territory for me though, Icelanders do not really go on dates much. I counted on my American blood to guide me and it went quite well.

On Tuesday I celebrated my birthday with a good party. It was a nice mix of family, Pirates and old friends, I had a great time and I think everyone else did as well.

Wednesday was dedicated to being hung over and cleaning house, then in the evening I showed the Barónsstígur apartment to some potential tenants - and made a short video on my phone for one who was abroad.

May as well share it here: A tour of my apartment (18MB, plays in VLC)

Today I am showing off the apartment to more people and getting back into my PageKite groove. This afternoon there is a meeting with Pirates and this evening, another casual date.

Tomorrow, PageKite work and a party with Pirates in the evening.

Saturday, an AcroYoga workshop.

Keeping busy!

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