Parliamentary review: Alþingisrýnir

My sprint for the local Pirate Party officially ended yesterday, when we launched the "Alþingisrýnir", a tool for reviewing the votes cast by members of parliaments.

It launched yesterday on the 1st day of summer, and was very well received - over 2000 Facebook "likes" in one day and five or six articles in the mainstream Icelandic media discussing the information revealed. All positive press and attention for the Pirate Party, which will hopefully help us tomorrow on election day. Score!

Tomorrow I will go and vote for myself! I am on the ballot, which is weird and exciting. Albeit only in 3rd place, which makes it highly unlikely I will end up in parliament, but there is a slight chance I might end up being a deputy. Which would be weird but interesting.

In the evening, there will of course be a party... ;-)

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