On the ballot

It is now official, I will be on the ballot for the next parliamentary elections in Iceland. The Icelandic Pirate party has met all the requirements and will be running in all six constituencies. I am 3rd in Reykjavik North, which realistically means there is a low to moderate chance I will end up being a "deputy" or backup for Helgi Hrafn who is number one.

I think I would like that, it would be quite interesting.

The pirates have been taking up most of my time for the last couple of weeks, meetings and road trips, lots of commenting on Facebook and lots of time in etherpad hammering out policies for the party.

Sometimes it is fun, but a lot of the time it's just work.


In other news, the loan I need to buy Vitastígur will probably clear on Wednesday, and I will officially buy the apartment the day after. Once the paperwork is all signed, I will officially start looking for folks to rent Barónsstígur. The current plan is to move into my new digs in the first half of June.


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