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Today I got a phone call - my loan application for the Vitastígur apartment was approved! The remaining financial juggling should be relatively straighforward. This is awesome.

I am at home today with a sore throat, trying to make progress on the final report to Rannís about the PageKite project. I hate writing reports. But when I get it done, I will get the final 1 million ISK of grant money (and won't have to give the other 9 back), which will of course be very nice.

Yesterday (well, after midnight two days ago) it became clear that I will be on the ballot for the Icelandic Pirate Party in the Reykjavik North constituancy. I am 3rd on the ballot, which is high enough to be worth bragging about, but low enough that there is very little risk I will actually end up in parliament.

I'm single. For a while there I was hoping not to be, but I am and it sucks. As always, the world is full of interesting ladies, but it is going to take me a little while to get my head in the right place to give them the attention they deserve. So, casual encounters it is! Maybe I should start accepting couch-surfers... :-P

I also did some PageKite planning and growth measurements. Forecasts based on the last 5 months' growth rate put me in safe paycheck land by the end of November. I like growth. And paychecks.

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