Updates and anti-censorship

Various updates:

  • I went to Sonar, it was awesome. Squarepusher! LFO! Dancing!
  • Tomorrow I will probably make an offer on an apartment
  • Tomorrow I plan to apply for a loan to finance said offer
  • I may give a talk about Mailpile at OHM2013
  • Kazz.am is making awesome progress
  • I fixed all the bugs in PageKite.py!
  • I may need to introduce a girl to some people...?
  • I now weigh just under 75kg.

I have spent quite a lot of time during the past few weeks working with Smári and Ásta on fighting the government's plans to censor the Internet in Iceland. Mostly we have used words, I was involved in one way or another in the following things so far:

That's about it.

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