Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers!

For me, this year begins with an odd mix of melancholy and optimism.

Melancholy, because I miss people that are not here. Not only are they not here, there are actually two lovely ladies who I have promised not to contact, so they can move on with their lives. It felt really weird to hold my phone at midnight and not send either one a "Happy New Year" message. I just put my phone down and texted nobody. Every now and then I'd check for messages, but the black slab in my pocket stayed dark and silent.

But missing people is the flip side of caring, so even that twinge of sadness had a certain beauty to it. Or that's what I tell myself!

Optimism remains my dominant feeling about the new year. I am looking forward to doing awesome things and meeting awesome people. Here are some of the things I expect from 2013:

  • PageKite will become financially self sustaining and my worries about money will mostly go away.

  • This will give me the freedom to work on any Free Software projects I like, full time, without needing to worry about business models.

  • As a result, Mailpile will become useful.

  • I will buy another apartment and have a new beginning there.

  • I will discover lots of new music, go to concerts, dance.

  • I will fall in love.

None of these are resolutions, except for the one about music - in order to make that one happen, I have resolved to steal more music online, listen to it and buy the things I like or seek out concerts.

All the others are just things that will probably happen. I've already set them in motion and just need to follow through and be myself.

It's going to be great!

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