Sirkus reunions

This has been a fun weekend.

Friday night was the Sirkus reunion party (held at Boston). I really enjoyed it: I drank and danced and watched the short documentary about the bar... but most importantly I managed to chat with and reconnect with a few people from back then, people I've seen around but maybe not really talked to for a long time. The people that I used to dance and flirt with in that smokey little dive seem to have by and large grown up to be pretty cool people - degrees and careers and kids and all that jazz.

Also, Unnur Andrea played The Book is on the Table! Never heard that silly song in a bar before, I loved it.

So that was great! I left rather early because I had another engagement (which didn't go so well, but that's another story), which was kind of a shame, but on the bright side I had no hangover the next day...

Having no hangover of course meant I ended up going out again on Saturday, this time with Sam and Tómas. We ended up at Kaffibarinn chatting with some people, but the bar got shut down early by the police. On the way out, I bumped into Eva, another old friend from the Sirkus days. I hadn't seen her for years and years, so we ended up having our own little reunion, drinking and talking about old times until very late.

Yay, Sirkus!

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