I don't deal with silence well - I always want to talk and get things either resolved or at least out in the open. I spent most of the week trying to be quiet about something and it was driving me crazy. Yesterday I caved and started a conversation and now I think I feel better.

Yesterday I also had coffee with Gríma, scheduled coffee with an imaginary person on Facebook (who obviously failed to show up) and had beers with Smári (and many others). Smári just got back from abroad and was delighted to discover I had gift wrapped all the things on his desk, and the desk itself, while he was away.

PageKite has had a good couple of weeks, last week was a strong sales record and this week blows it away thanks to a large contribution from one of our long-time users - but even without his contribution it's already a pretty decent week, well above average. Silly me was expecting things to slow down around Christmas... I am starting to allow myself more and more optimism when it comes to our little company.

Today I am going to try and shop for Christmas gifts for my family. I always find this difficult. I am also going to help Lora move some appliances, which probably won't be difficult at all.

I enjoy being single. I want a girlfriend. Both. Argh.

I recently came to the conclusion my views on certain topics have been trending towards extremism. Pragmatism is more fruitful: I'd rather be happy than right. So I am going to have to have a serious conversation with myself one of these days. I've got my Stallmanistic tendencies on a relatively tight leash, I should be able to reign in some of my other opinions as well.

I need to read The Game. I am pretty sure it is an evil book, but I should read it and find out for myself, before I resume debating its merits and morality at the bar.

Things have been so busy lately, that I think I may need to explicitly schedule time to do nothing. As it is, I seem to be falling into my old routine of being constantly busy until a hangover gives me cause to bail on events or people - and that's how I steal time to rest. It's not a great system.

Today I adjusted the second shirt to accommodate my gigantic man boobs. I need to be careful to stay away from the weights at the pool so this doesn't get out of hand.

This blog post isn't supposed to be coherant.

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