A big meh

I like today's fortune:

Q: How does a hacker fix a function which doesn't work for all of the elements in its domain? A: He changes the domain.

Yesterday was great! Már visited and we worked on Kazz.am, Sam visited and made soup and Ewelina visited and got her laptop fixed. Then I went out and exchanged startup/business advice with Siggi Sveinn for beer, and ended up dancing at Dolly with Sam and Kirsten and a bunch of interns from the Grapevine and the photography museum.

Today on the other hand, has been one big giant meh. It started off fine, but then the hangover depression set in and instead of doing all the fun things I had planned, I stayed home and did nothing much. Stupid me, stupid hangovers and stupid other things that are stupid.

On average it's been a fine weekend though. :-P

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