The Authorities

Friday a week ago, sitting at Kaffibarinn with Hrafnkell, we saw two police officers walk a guy down from the upper floor and escort him into the back of a police van. A few minutes later, two more police officers walked down, this time with a woman between them. She had her hands cuffed behind her back and was also escorted into a waiting police car.

Last Wednesday, after dancing at Prikið with Kalli, Rita and Lauren, we watched two police-women try to restrain some dude. He briefly managed to escape and bolt up Laugavegur by shedding his jacket, but one of the officers chased him, cuffed him and brought him back. He looked a bit sheepish.

Friday, stuff burned on Laugavegur, the police and fire brigade were in attendance.

Tonight I called 112 to notify the city that a pipe had burst and hot water was making a nice little fountain on the corner of Austurvöllur. They assured me someone would be around to check it out.

None of these events have anything to do with each other, but I feel like I've seen more of the local authorities in the past week than I have for months.

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