Case of the Mondays

Tómas, Ewelina and I are among the founding members of the club "A Case of the Mondays."

The purpose of this club, is to get drunk on Mondays. The last meeting was a resounding success.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was not (supposed to be) a day for drinking. It was a day for swimming and carrying boxes for Unnur and dancing at Prikið with Kalli and some tourist friends of his. Lots of exercise, not much beer. :-)

The most interesting thing that happened yesterday though, was a pile of money landed in my bank account - I sold my share of what used to be FRISK Software International and the money finally arrived. As a result, I am now officially looking for a 2nd apartment to buy. Something cheap and suitable for Bjarni the Bachelor. I can also afford to buy some Christmas presents! The first one I bought was for everyone: I donated some money to Wikipedia. Later this month, when I've done some more math, I will be giving some to the Red Cross and probably the EFF.

Tags: life

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