Swim coach

Last night I got stood up. I honestly can't remember that having ever happened before, can't say I enjoyed the experience. Ouch?

Everything has a silver lining though - the frustration made my morning workout way more energetic than usual! I swam fast and worked hard. I also chatted a bit with a swim coach about how to speed up my breaststroke and she was kind enough to both give me some free advice and watch me do a couple of laps. She said my technique looked good and she wouldn't change a thing - I should just geep practicing. Yay!

Today I am going to cook various things. Stuffed chicken breast for a late lunch and then a big pot of chili for dinner and freezing.

This afternoon I'll probably head downtown to see people and maybe have a coffee, maybe get some work done at Stofan.

My second AirBNB guest seems to be enjoying his stay. He's a nice guy who apparently makes a living in Berlin, renting out a few different flats on AirBNB and traveling the world when all of them are full and he finds himself homeless. Interesting way to live!

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