Mend and make do

Today was somewhat less domesticated than yesterday, my baking plans were foiled by a lack of ingredients.

Instead I did some sewing, fixing buttons and button holes on my black suede jacket, my red striped sweater and a shirt which almost fit me.

The shirt is the most boast-worthy acheivement. It's always been a little too tight, but since I started swimming the tightness has moved from my gut to my chest. So tonight I decided to tighten the buttonholes and move two of the buttons half a centimeter outwards to make room for my gigantic boobs. It fits well enough now that I might actually start wearing it.

Proof that the swimming works! Further proof comes from the new hole I made in my belt while I was in Denmark...

Other themes for the day included: chewing gum, blood, sleep, chicken soup, laundry, Lady Gaga, Peter Gabriel, Le Tigre and talking to my parents on the phone while walking from shop to shop.

The terrible events in Israel and Palestine are on my mind, as well. I am going to the protest tomorrow outside the U.S. embassy. And this has me thinking more about how PageKite can be made useful to activists. Little things, but I'd rather do something small than nothing at all.

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