CryptoParty @ dk

As I write this, I am attending Copenhagen's first CryptoParty. Some highlights:

  • Pizza! Beer!

  • censurfridns.dk provide an uncensored public DNS resolver service, to work around censorship of ISP DNS service in Denmark.

  • I helped some dudes understand how to transparently proxy data through Tor, and warned them about the consequences of doing it incompletely.

  • A session about secure Android apps: I installed TextSecure on my phone, looks nice and the passphrase may prevent some drunk texting. ;-)

There was also a presentation on Bitcoin. I didn't learn anything new from the slides, and didn't understand the Danish...

Because everything is in Danish, I spent some of the time tinkering with Mailpile, thinking about how to add GPG support to it. I also improved my gpg-edit encrypted file editor, making it ever so slightly more user friendly.

Woo, crypto!

Seeing the anti-DNS-censorship talk made me feel I should probably prepare a CryptoParty-focused talk about PageKite, its applications as a peer-to-peer communications tool and how to use it securely. It might also be cool to add a couple of features to make secure HTTPS even easier.

Tomorrow, I fly back home. I look forward to seeing my bed again.

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