Bye, bye FSCONS

This weekend I attended FSCONS.

It was a great weekend, mostly because I met lots of smart and friendly people, many of whom I've met before and consider friends. The talks this year were not quite as awesome as they have been in previous years, but I come to this conference more for the community than anything else, so I didn't actually mind so much.

I think my favorite talk was Eleanor Saitta's "Why We Fight", which put things in an interesting perspective and was actually pretty inspiring.

I told some new folks about PageKite, helped out at an Android workshop, learned more than I ever expected to about how to un-brick Samsung droids and gave a couple of lightning talks. I spoke a bit with Jonas Smedegaard about reviving our effort to get PageKite into Debian.

Last night at the bar after the end of the conference Stian, one of the organizers, suggested I take a more active part in helping plan the next FSCONS, specifically helping to organize one of the tracks. I'm not sure I am well enough networked in the FOSS community to do a decent job, but I care enough about this conference that I am considering giving it a shot. If I make Smári help me, we can probably do a decent job.

I am now on the way to Denmark, where I will hang out for a couple of days at Oktavia's place, before flying back to Iceland on Thursday.

The train ride from Göteborg to Köbenhavn is proving more eventful and scenic than expected, as due to a problem on the tracks part of the journey was by bus. I've been staring out the windows and enjoying it, it's a pretty day.

As hoped, the conference has left me full of energy and I have the urge to start hacking on all sorts of things again. Some of them are even related to my job... ;-)

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