Airwaves weekend


I spent the afternoon with Unnur at backpackers having beer and code. My favorite was Hanne Kolstø. I then had dinner with Tómas and we went looking for music together. We started at Bar 11, but had missed Fræbbblannir so we milled about a bit, met Unnur, met Ewelina, met the people handing out free Tuborg christmas beer, saw Rangleklods at Dolly, met Kalli and Alda and more friends... until sometime late, late I found myself dancing alone at Kaffibarinn.

Apparently at some point in Kaffibarinn I told a random girl that her dress was the prettiest dress in the bar. I was reminded of this last night by my AirBNB guest Bobby, because apparently she is his friend and she was happy enough with the evening's compliments to post about them on Facebook. He recognized me from her description!

Small world... and I'm glad I made someone glad.

I may have done some drunk dialing in the wee hours...


I was so hung over on Saturday that I spent most of the day sleeping and swimming and walking around quiet streets with my headphones on - I didn't make it back downtown until quite late. But when I did, I found Kalli and Ewelina and saw one of my all time favorite bands at Dillon: Langi Seli og Skuggarnir. They were awesome and I sang along. They were preceded by Hljómsveitin Ég and followed by Leaves, both which had a few good songs as well.

After leaving Dillon, there were drinks and flirts and a surprise encounter with an old friend from France, at Ölstofan. This was followed by an afterparty with some friends of Kalli's, where the theme seemed to be "Bjarni helps injured women walk or mix drinks or call cabs". Always the gentleman!

...and I may have been drunk dialed back.


Less hung over. Met Unnur for a burger, walked around in the nice weather. Home for a nap, met Ewelina and took in the Sigurrós concert in Laugardalshöll: it was amazing. I'm not even a fan, but in spite of it starting an hour late and me being hungry and exhausted from a long weekend, I just loved it. It was an amazing show.

After the concert Ewelina and I had pizza and went to Dillon to catch one last live band (Whale vs. Elephant, silly and cute) and to Kaffibarinn to tiredly sit in a corner and watch people dance. It seemed like a fitting ending to a fantastic festival.

Any and all dialing was of the sober variety.

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