Windy Airwaves

I do not have an Airwaves wristband. However, I have been enjoying the festival quite a lot so far. Both Wednesday and Thursday night I have wandered around with Kalli, Ewelina, Unnur and other random folks that joined us. Wednesday was just a night out, mostly nice conversations, but last night was a true festival night.

I went alone to the square behind what used to be Sirkus, and saw three bands: Retro Stefson, Hermigervill and Electro Guzzi. All three were totally amazing and by the end of it I had danced so much that I was just wearing a t-shirt and my head was soaked in sweat. This in spite of the bitter cold and wind...

During my bouncing around my friends found and joined me and together we checked out Thee Attacks at Bar 11 and another band whose name I forgot at Kofi Tómasar Frænda. Neither were amazing, but both were good enough to let us down easy after the fun at Sirkus.

The evening ended at Boston with beers and dancing around.

Today I think I will take my laptop and sit at the Reykjavik Backpackers all day and take in music while writing code. But first I have to go to the office and see if the wind did any damage to our fridge...

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