An AirBNB experiment

So, this afternoon I receive my first AirBNB guest!

Last sunday I made the little room all nice and cosy and posted an ad on AirBNB. Within 24 hours I had two interested people contact me and one of them was so eager he booked 7 nights straight away. I blame Airwaves.

Today I made a spare set of keys and added the following items to the room:

  • A copy of the latest Reykjavik Grapevine
  • A copy of the Iceland Airwaves program
  • A big clean towel

The room is much nicer than many of the places I've stayed in...

In case anyone was wondering, I am planning to pay taxes off the money I make. Taxes are good, they pay for schools and roads and medicine and such things. On the other hand, I am probably not going to apply for an official permit until I've had a few guests and decided whether I actually want to do a lot of this.

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