Meeting people

This weekend, I did all the partying.

So today was spent in bed, until right before six when I was able to stagger to Bonus and do some shopping. This was followed by a gigantic home made hamburger (recipe inspired by Logi), a little bit of work and finally a beer with Ewelina at Hemmi og Valdi.

There was something surprising about light and fire at the bar last night, but that may just have been a dream. I am pretty sure I met lots of nice people though, more than I usually do when I go out.

Today I realized I've become maybe a little bit too accustomed to being a denizen of 101 Reykjavîk. I meet interesting people and don't bother asking for a phone number or e-mail - I just assume I'll bump into them again. That may work fine for Icelanders, but it's a pretty silly assumption when they're tourists who are just passing through.

Oh well.

I hope Zed the filmmaker has fun, he seemed like a nice guy. :-P

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