Moving Things, A Webcam

Lately, I have been moving things. On Thursday I helped Ewelina move a desk, a sofa-bed, two bookshelves, a small sofa and various smaller items to her new room on Snorrabraut. It was a lot of work, but by the end of the day she had a very cosy room.

Then today, Lora calls me up and says she needs to empty the little studio she has been renting and wants me to come and take things. So I took her espresso machine!

(The photo above is staged, I have no espresso grounds in the house.)

I am also going to take a small fold-out bed (quite possibly the same model as Ewelina has) which nicely fill the empty space in the spare room, so I'll be able to play host to visitors again.

Aside from all the moving, my life has been pretty much a routine of swimming, working, eating, working, drinking and sleeping. Today is no different, although since I have a pot of chili on the stove, I may stay home and skip the drinking.

Or... I could finish the limoncello I started making months ago. That will involve some tasting. Good thing I've started taking milk thistle again!


In other news, this week I converted my old G1 phone into a webcam. This was quite easy, I just bought a cheap USB charger in Tiger and installed two apps on the phone: an IP webcam app, and my brand new PageKite for Android. The most complicated part of the project was keeping the phone from falling over.

So if your browser is sufficiently awesome and I haven't turned it off and the network is up and the stars are aligned, you might be able to see the view out my office window here below:

Video feed
(Click/refresh for a single frame)

Interestingly, this webcam would probably work even during a power outage or local network failure.

This is due to the fact that the phone has a built in battery and it will fail over to using the 3G network if the local WiFi fails (I assume the GSM network has backup power and will stay up). How many webcams have both redundant networking and redundant power? Not many, I'd wager!

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