Internet Advocacy and Swimming

My last blog post (about why centralized censorship of the Internet is a Bad Idea) was published as an opinion piece in Fréttablaðið, the most widely circulated publication in Iceland. It also appeared on their website and got a fair bit of attention on Facebook.

This was good.

As a result, I ended up chatting with one of the telcos (Siminn) on Twitter, and they said they were going to publish something stating their position - according to their statements on Twitter, they don't want to censor the Internet and they plan to say so and explain why not.

Also good!

However, so far nothing has actually been published. Does this just mean they have been busy? Or does it mean the PR folks (who I believe are honest when they claim not to want censorship), are not actually in charge and are not allowed to make politically charged public statements like that? :-P

Time will tell...


As a high-powered CEO of a cutting edge tech startup, single party boy and slightly asthmatic 36 year old, I have this vague idea that I should make an effort to stay in shape - without "wasting" too much time.

Since I happen to live next door to Reykjavik's indoor swimming pool, my workout of choice has become swimming and some light weight lifting.

After a couple of weeks of unfocused splashing around, I decided to set myself the goal of reliably swimming 500m in 10 minutes or 1.5km in 30, depending on what I am focusing on in my workout: aerobic swimming or weight work. I plan to go to the pool at least 3 times a week, at most 5 - the body needs rest, after all.

This is a proper workout, which fits in less than an hour every morning. Good use of my valuable time.

Based on this theory and unabashed vanity, I also take care to traumatise (read: vigorously massage) my spare tire before swimming. Die, fatty cells, die! It seems to be working.

Last night over dinner with my family, I made the claim that I was already achieving my goals. To my dismay, both my dad and Gulli expressed scepticism. They didn't think I could swim that fast. How dare they!

So today I timed myself: 500m in just over 11 minutes.


I guess I'm going to have to pick up the pace a bit.

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