Hard Work

Yesterday was a very productive day:

  • I swam 500m and lifted weights
  • I added working OpenSSL-based TLS encryption to libpagekite
  • I had too many beers with Smári, Berglind, Ewelina, Kalli, Tómas, Gummi and more nice people.

The OpenSSL work was the main achievement - I've never worked with that library directly before (only Python wrappers), and I am quite proud that I got so much done in one day.

Today I swam closer to 1km but lifted a bit less. I plan to work on pagekite.py, as the current .deb and .rpm packages have somehow suddenly started triggering nasty bugs in the Python SSL wrappers, which I need to release a work-around for ASAP.

In other news, I'm not really used to how big my arms are. Maybe they don't look big to you, but my self-image still expects me to be a skinny 23 year old who weighed 65kg and couldn't put on muscle no matter how he tried. 13 years and as many kilograms later, it still somehow surprises me that I'm not that little anymore.

Tags: life, pagekite

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