Swimming and Feminism

Today I broke my swimming rule and swam for the second day in a row.

Now it's only noon, but I feel sleepy...


My Facebook wall has feminism on it every day. Every day, multiple posts. Some are light hearted, many are just depressing. I used to care passionately about these issues, now I mostly think folks on both sides are foolish to cling to their anger, seeking out things to be angry at and then flooding my Internets with negativity.

Which is probably a shame, because many of the issues are still quite important. Of course, those aren't the ones that get the most attention - moral outrage will trump complicated issues every time.

It's all a bit meh.

But on the other hand, I'm still quietly proud that I put on my feminist hat in the bar the other day and ranted at an unabashedly chauvinistic friend, telling him he needed to change his attitude - and he listened. I wish I remember what I said to him... ;-)

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