Single Culture Night

So, Ewelina and I are breaking up.

It's a bit of a process, but we are working through it. It's not particularly fun, but I think it is necessary.

Ewelina hasn't yet decided whether to leave the country or not, I am thinking about selling my apartment and making some sort of fresh start. We'll see. It's exciting and sad at the same time.


In spite of everything, I still mostly enjoyed Menningarnótt (Reykjavik Culture Night - which is an all-day event). I started my day bright and early with Kalli, Kata and two Ástas, turning blobs of petrified gum into colorful sidewalk art in a few spots on Laugavegur. It will be interesting to see how long they last.

After painting dots and having coffee, I swam. After swimming, I ate and chatted with Ewelina. After eating I went for a walk around town with Kalli, before helping him transport some kegs of beer to the Fágun home brewing club summer BBQ.

At the BBQ I met Halldór, who has named his nano-brewery after a drinking game we invented together a lifetime ago in France (Andorra, actually): Plimmó. The Plimmó brews were pretty good, too.

Around five, I abandoned the brewers and found Smári and Andreas on Hjartartorg. We ended up wandering around town randomly, meeting people from the local hacker community and enjoying mostly random cultural events (as opposed to the organized variety found in the program). The PVC tube digeridoo techno street musician was probably my favorite.

I met Ewelina briefly after her shift at work, we shared a beer and chatted until Kalli appeared and spirited her away.

Everything after that was a bit... weird.

Somehow most of us ended up at Kaffibarinn a bit later. By that point I'd had quite a few drinks and wasn't really sure how to behave around Ewelina, who was there as well. So I cravenly avoided her, falling back into my old cruising habits, watching people, flirting a little, but always fleeing back into the crowd before things could progress beyond an exchange of names and smiles.

Eventually I tired of it all and made my way home. On the way, I bumped into a couple who wanted me to follow them into a side street to "help them unlock their bike". My drunk, dirty mind was positive that was a euphemism for something, and I was pretty sure that even strapping lads like myself would do well not to follow strangers into alleyways at five in the morning.

I walked away and then looped back to watch and see if they would accost some other fresh young meat. Instead, I saw them unlock a bike and go their separate ways. I guess they were both just a bit too farsighted and tired to work the combination lock on the first try.


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