March-April Summary, my Birthday

Oops! It appears I haven't blogged for just under 2 months. Sorry about that.

Things that have happened in my life, in no particular order:

  • Went on holidays to the U.K. and Malta. Met Al, had fun, got sunburnt, cut my hair.
  • Launched new pricing on pagekite.net
  • Applied somewhat cautiously to Startup Reykjavik
  • Grew and subsequently shaved a moustache
  • Had some weird change in my vision which means I can't use my glasses anymore (getting checked next Wednesday)
  • Rewrote my Sacrifiction KPhotoAlbum publishing tool in Python - this time with the intent of actually releasing the code. Soon!
  • Helped organize RCFC 2012
  • Helped launch Betri Hverfi (on behalf of Opin Kerfi)
  • Drank all together too much beer
  • Went for a fancy dinner with Ewelina at Austur India Fjelagið
  • Spent a rare weekend alone while Ewelina competed in volleyball
  • Was interviewed about Iceland's digital and entrepreneurial scene by a german journalist and some Brazilian dudes who are making a documentary
  • Made friends with the MediaGoblin folks
  • Started experimenting more aggressively with Twitter as a marketing tool

I'm sure I am forgetting something.

It's odd how sometimes I feel like I'm getting nothing done, until I write down a list like that. Jeez I've been busy. I've also been a bit stressed out, but Malta helped with that.

Tomorrow I turn 36

Happy birthday, me! My plans:

  • Have a burger at Vitabar at 12:30pm with whoever wants to join me
  • Meet my family for dinner at my parent's place
  • Have quiet beers at Hemmi og Valdi around 10pm, with whoever wants beer

Since Ewelina's not around, I am going to postpone any proper partying until next weekend. There may be a party on Friday or Saturday night. Or maybe just a game of pool at Bar 46. I haven't decided. :-)

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