MacBook AirKite

The newest member of the family, is this MacBook Air.

It is shiny and tiny.

I finally gave up on virtual machines and other hacks to test PageKite on Macs, and went and bought this little toy. Since our next major release is supposed to provide tools which are useful to graphic designers and such folks, I figured supporting the Mac should probably be a priority.

There are now 2.5 times as many computers in the house as there are people, and that's not counting cell phones... we're geektastic!

When I am not developing on the machine, it will probably be Ewelina's to play with, unless she decides Mac OS X is too gross after the luxuries of Ubuntu. We'll see. ;-)

The little MacBook is already working hard to earn its keep, downloading and building GTK and PyGTK so I can see how realistic (or insane) it is to try and get my Python GUI code to run on all three of my target platforms - Linux and Windows are fine.

In other work-related news:

  • The PageKite GUI is starting to come together.
  • I've renegotiated my agreement with Opin Kerfi.
  • I am at early stages of discussing various types of partnerships with 4 or 5 different companies. The first contract will probably be signed next week!
  • This means a C version of PageKite will happen soon.

All good. Busy! But good.

Tags: tech, pagekite

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