Happy New Year!

Our New Years celebrations have been pretty awesome. I hope yours have been good too. :-)

Snippets ...

17:00, January 1st: the floors have been mopped, phones and jackets returned to their owners and the men who left wearing each others' shoes have made contact. The blonde lady knows her mom was looking for her. Orange juice and Mountain Dew are curing my hangover.

16:00, December 31: I put on a back-pack full of beer and ham and walk to Smári's house. He cooks and I shovel the steps. A couple of hours later, Tómas, Asia, Pedro and Ewelina join us, we eat and play Fluxx, walk the gaybrella to the bonfire and then return to play a bit more.

08:00, January 1st: our last guest, who was also our first guest, leaves the party. Still running on fumes of vodka and jello shots I begin to clean. I swear a bit at the disrespect demonstrated by cigarette butts in Ewelina's study, but aside from that, things aren't too bad. Ewelina wakes up and joins me. By ten we are in bed, arms wrapped around each other, happy that we won't wake up in a pigsty. We sleep a few short hours and then get up and finish the job.

01:00, Januar 1st: Tómas and I fill eight shopping bags full of snow, carry them up four flights of stairs and empty them into the bath tub. It slowly melts around everyone's beer as we party our way into the new year.

Midnight: Ewelina and I connect the years with a long kiss. Standing by Hallgrímskirkja, we toast our friends and crane our necks as all the fireworks in the world explode over our heads. It is amazing.

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