Christmas has been really nice.

We were working until the last minute on the 24th to prepare gifts and ourselves for an evening with my folks. We were fed well, our gifts were well received and we got some wonderful things which we will enjoy (or have already begun enjoying). After family time Ewelina and I sat in her little study with the Christmas tree we bought from Logi, sampling the beer my brother gave us and the liquer her mom made, winding down and having our own little romantic moment.

Today it has snowed, everything is white and beautiful. We gave my brother a ride in our parents' car, taking the scenic route to their place, slipping and sliding all the way. In Steinagerði I played games that didn't need names or rules with my little nephews and then played a game named Talisman (my gift from Ewelina) with about a million rules with the adults.

Ewelina won.

In two days Ewelina's sister will come to visit us and in a week we will have a New Years party. There wil be day trips and there will be hacking on PageKite.

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