Leaks and Wikileaks

It is leaking in my living room. Drip drip drip, water falls from the ceiling to the bucket and flower pot I have placed on the floor to catch the drops.

The theory is that due to the rain gutter being full of ice and snow, the melt water off the roof is ending up under the roof and percolating down through the most convenient crack.

Not sure what I am going to do about it.


Yesterday was dedicated to Bradley Manning's birthday - Bradley has been jailed and at times tortured by the U.S. since May 2010, without trial, for allegedly leaking U.S. documents to Wikileaks. His trials finally began last Friday, yesterday was his second birthday behind bars.

I believe he should be set free.

We stood outside the U.S. embassy for a few minutes, sang the birthday song and had some drinks. It was a somewhat odd affair, but I was happy to see quite a few people showed up.

After protesting/celebrating we went to Tómas's place and had more drinks, then to Björgvin's, and finally to Kaffibarinn. It was a fun night.

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