Spam, Ohno, Legalese

OK, so in the 24 hours I let Klaki accept e-mail with no spam protection at all, I got about 136 spam messages. That's more than I got all weekend while testing libunaccept, which suggests that my super-dumb time-of-day based policy reduces spam volumes by about half.

That's nice, I guess, but not really acceptable on its own. It's not a bad start though.


Today my VPS in the U.S. (ohno.klaki.net) has been misbehaving. First it filled its disks, then it used up all its file descriptors and I had to hard boot it to get it back to sanity. Bad ohno, bad!

This caused some e-mail delivery delays for Klaki users, but no messages should have been lost. My want-ad site, Partalistinn, was probably also broken today as a result of this.


This evening I hosted the weekly FSFÍ meeting. It was pretty well attended and we discussed pending changes to the Icelandic telecom legislation. Later this week a few of us will probably have a meeting with some friendly folks who are working on implementing the new laws. We're going to voice our opinions. :-)


Today I also did a bunch of PageKite paperwork, made a not at all unsuccessful sales call, rode 5 different busses, made tuna salad and worked a few hours for Opin Kerfi. It's been a long, busy, fun day.

I even squeezed in one beer at Kaffibarinn!

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